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Here are some free video games I made.
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Free game for Mac, PC and iPhone

Music toy for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android

The Shadowland Prophesy
Game inspired by the work of Peter Molydeux

Art-creation tool made with Michael Brough.
For Ludum Dare 27

3D art creation toy

2D art creation toy
Small Games

The Snap
Two-player arena shooter, with time travel
For TIGSource Vs.

You Don’t Fit
Snack-sized puzzle game
For Ludum Dare 21

Pong, but with more Pong
Submitted to the 2012 IGF

My Own Footsteps
3D/noise experiment
For Ludum Dare 22

Markov Space
A text-based adventure
For Super Friendship Club

A short 3D platforming challenge
For Pirate Kart V

Cellular automata exploration game
For Ludum Dare 23

Roguelike first-person shooter

A game that you play by writing Lua source code
For Super Friendship Club

The World Hates You
A game that evolves.
For Ludum Dare 24

A game made by Liz Ryerson and coded by me
For Ludum Dare 25

Sweet Nothings
A collection of six interactive art toys, previously found on my “anti-games” page.

Lesbian Spider Mars Queens
An FPS remake of a game by Anna Anthropy
Made for her birthday

He Never Showed Up
A simulation of a date.
Made for #PPHSJam

Naked Shades
Multiplayer online text adventure by me and Porpentine
For Ludum Dare 26

SierpiÅ„ski’s Tomb
Can you find the lost treasure of Wacław Sierpiński?
For Molyjam 2013, technically

Four Shades of Gray
A first person game. You don’t shoot anything.
It’s about social dynamics.
For 7DFPS 2013

3D architectural doodle program. If title screen does not display for you, control with arrow keys + spacebar.

Player Piano
A simple music creation tool. Part of SHARECART— allows you to edit the other games’ save files as music.

You Will Die Alone At Sea
A brief experience. Control with the mouse.
For Ludum Dare 28
Unfinished (so far) games

A Dark Place
Text-based horror game

I’m not sure what this is yet

The Nervous System
Barely-started puzzle game

Day and Night
The only Flash game I’ve ever made

Very Fast Rock Paper Scissors
A fighting game.
Right now moves too quickly to be fun.

A point and click adventure.
Almost finished, just missing a few screens.
(Games by other people I ported to Mac)

Game Title
My favorite game by Michael Brough. Parallel-universe aleatoric Zelda made by a man who’s never played a Zelda game.

Game Title: Lost Levels
Also by Michael Brough, a second Game Title game based entirely on bugs in the first one.

By “Marach”, this is a small Ludum Dare game with some interesting sand physics.

Sword in Hand
A roguelike by Jeff Lait, wherein you control a magic sword which possesses its owners.

Rive Gauche
By “lucasncv”, this is a Ludum Dare game which uses the Paris subway map as the framework for a pickpocketing simulator. The author is working on an expanded version.

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