This is a video game where the only way to interact with it is to write and execute Lua source code.


I made this back at the beginning of the year for a Super Friendship Club event, but at the time didn’t release it because I was trying to decide whether to expand on it. I think I’ve decided it’s done. The game requires an OpenGL 2.0 compatible computer to run.

I’ve been circulating this game in indie circles since I first wrote it, and to my knowledge no one has ever beat it. I got reports of a couple of people getting to level two.

3 Responses to “Luanauts”

  1. squidlarkin Says:

    The world was saved, but no trace of our brave heroes was ever found.

  2. mcc Says:

    squidlarkin: Congrats! The number of people known to have beaten this now seems to be up to around five.

  3. Faliz Says:

    Took me like 15 minutes but was a great introduction to Lua.
    Enjoyed myself. :3

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