I made a video game.

DOWNLOAD (Version 1.0.2)



  • Old-school puzzle platforming with some twists
  • Low-definition graphics
  • Gamepad support
  • Full level editor


  • Guide Jumpman to the exit.


  • There is a collection of user-created levels for Jumpman here.
  • In 2010 I released an iPhone/iPad version of Jumpman.
  • You can find the source code for this game on Bitbucket.

224 Responses to “Jumpman”

  1. Lalo Says:

    Damn, the character is too slippery. Its too annoying 🙁 you should try changing that…

  2. bob Says:

    Desktop gaming is the way of the past. You need to publish this in a browser or to consoles to get anywhere.

  3. Sam Says:

    This game is brilliant, I love the way you see each of the future levels in the background
    What did you make this with?

  4. Matt Says:

    Well done! This one’s a real mindbender at times, especially the creatively mirrored levels.

    I’m getting awful times because I’m having a lot of fun dicking around with anything that repeats like that.

  5. Brian Says:

    Super great job. This is a wonderful, simple and challenging game with great presentation. The plot is great. 😀

    In a word : radnormous.

  6. Taya Says:

    Great game! It’s fun and pretty challenging too. I love rotating the levels around.

  7. Nightbane Says:

    You should switch to developing flash games 😀

  8. tequibo Says:

    Very nice idea!

  9. Bowser Says:

    It’s great, but does it autosave when you quit?

  10. Anri Says:

    I have only one word for you xept the sentence : Wii-Ware!!!

  11. Maisnon Says:

    One session


    313 lost

    Finished, and going mental

  12. mcc Says:

    Hi people,

    Lalo: The “slipperiness” is on purpose, I think once you get used to it it makes sense. It’s sort of so that you can control Jumpman with just the “rotate” keys and he moves the same as if he were running…

    Sam: The game was made in C++ using SDL, OpenGL and a physics library called Chipmunk.

    Bowser: It does autosave when you quit, you should occasionally get “progress saved” messages as you play.

    Maisnon, congrats 😀

  13. egasimus Says:

    You might wanna state that it works perfectly on Linux with Wine, too. As a bonus, that gets you on a sweet list in Wine’s wiki (:

  14. mcc Says:

    ega, good to know! I’m still trying to find a way to actually create a linux build…

  15. Great game!!! Says:

    I love it, it’s really great. It’s another example that fun games don’t require to over processed gameplaymechanics and how a simple question can spawn something really cool.

  16. Peter Says:

    Would also make a fun iPhone game.

  17. grtl8r Says:

    iPhones are for homos. This game is better than the dorks who own iPhones. They wouldn’t get it.

  18. GirlFlash Says:

    lots of fun indeed 😀

  19. UltimateWalrus Says:

    This game is fucking fantastic! Great job mcc! This game is almost perfect. Ideas that are really pretty ingenious IMO:
    1.) The levels in the background
    2.) The rotation
    3.) The “wrap around” levels where you can see yourself multiple times, and sometimes at different rotations

    This game is nearly perfect, I can only think of two criticisms:
    1.) Some of the later level designs are pretty frustrating. I don’t like having to try over and over again to time my jump so that I can squeeze just between the wall and the green thing. But maybe that’s just me.
    2.) I wish the collision radius of the player was a little bit more forgiving (i.e. smaller).

    Really great job though!!

    “Desktop gaming is the way of the past.”

    Bullshit. This game was great in full screen, I would hate playing it in a stupid browser window.

  20. Evil Trout Says:

    Awesome game. I really enjoyed it.

  21. Jake Says:

    An iPhone/iPod Touch version would be slick too.

  22. Aaron Bockelie Says:

    Ugh, I got sick on the “Hope” level (dark gray platforms, rainbow death box areas, map flips 180 degrees only)

    I couldn’t figure it out and I got some nasty motion sickness from it. In fact, the world is still spinning a little.

  23. Mac FAN Says:

    Woh woh woh … you are distributing the Mac binary as a zip?! This is mac you are talking about the .dmg is standard.

  24. Oliver Charles Says:

    Playtime: 88mins
    Lives Lost: 561
    Satisfaction with game: unmeasurable

    Seriously man. I couldn’t sleep, and happened to stumble across this – incredibly fun game! I was pulling my hair out, trying all sorts of crazy shit, and just generally having a good time. The only thing I would like to see, would be a full map in the corner maybe (so I can actually double check if I’m landing on a platform or lava) and *definitely* password/save options – if these exist, they need to be clearer

    Otherwise – major kudos 🙂

  25. Oliver Charles Says:

    Oh and to everyone going “oh noes, it should be flash” or “oh noes, should be a dmg” – just play the damn game. it’s free, only a couple of megs, and you still find time to complain? Sad state of affairs 🙁

  26. ajt Says:

    Very fun! I love the minimal artwork and design.


  27. Grant Says:

    Just finished it today! I was very pleased to see there was a Mac version, and let me tell you, I had more fun with this game than some overcomplicated console games I’ve played recently. And best of all, it was free! Thanks so much for such a creative and simple experience! I hope to see more from you in the future.

    My score:
    Time: 57:43
    Lives: 385

  28. UltimateWalrus Says:

    Oh man! I just finished the game! That was a great ending! Those “paint” levels are also very clever! You sir are a mad genious!! XD

  29. jayBOT Says:

    You beautiful masochist!

  30. Syniphas Says:

    Congratulations, sir. You’ve made a game that kept me playing it, thrilled, until the end, for 88 minutes.

  31. Gub Says:

    Your game? Awesome. Out of curiousity, did you design the level editor first, then the levels? or do you have your own special level editor? Regardless, I made my own world, but it’d be nice if there was someplace to share it. I haven’t been this enthralled with a game since… well, Flywrench, I guess. I’m glad you didn’t dumb down the difficulty of your game, unlike the current trend of “casual gaming”. Congrats, and looking forward to any future games you make make!

  32. Alfred Says:

    Great game, but the second to last level of path 3 where you can’t rotate the level and there are half a dozen platforms each containing a hunter is way too frustrating for me. Even though I really really like this game I have to stop because its infuriating.

  33. ganja Says:

    You should change the name to avoid confusion with the original Jumpman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumpman), to which this bears only a passing resemblance.

  34. Optimus Says:

    Do not listen to anybody, the game is perfect. The only thing you may add is more levels.
    Perfect. 100/100

  35. Mike Says:

    Dude, this looks great. DOwnloading it for Mac now.

    Hmm…I’d really like to know what inspired you and how you put this whole thing together. Some more info! Although I MADE A VIDEO GAME is kind of funny and dry and simple and to the point, maybe you could post something about how you put it together, your 8-bit inspirations? I’m no programmer, but I wanna eat some more info about this 😉 Thanks for the free game. Kudos +10 to you.

  36. L Says:

    Because lack of games like this, I stopped playing years ago. Now I’m addicted again. Thank you? Oh yes.

  37. Chatfou Says:

    Linux version plz?

  38. jim Says:

    wow, great job! kudos again for the mac version! would be a perfect game for the iphone 😀

  39. ZergMaster7 Says:

    This should developed for mobile devices (not just the iPhone)…. Then I could play it right now and you could get $1.99
    Everyone wins!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Please fix:

    Friction physics, player is WAY too slippery
    Collision detection, only trigger on active pixels of player and enemies, NOT bounding box.

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  42. dennis Says:

    agreed too slippy, looks amazing though.

  43. farik Says:

    awesome. i dont see what all the complaining is about. the physics have to work that way so you can move smoothly while rotating the screen. anyway, i love this. there should be a place to upload or share levels.

  44. Dave Says:

    Really enjoying this, thanks for producing it.

    How many paths are there in it? I am just finished path 9.

  45. Dave Says:

    Okay there are 10 paths. Really enjoyed playing this.

  46. largo Says:

    level 1 of path 6 is a PAIN in the ass. until there i really loved the game 😀

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  48. Kitsune Zeta Says:

    I noticed a few things about the level editor:

    1) adding a second layer results in some items (the two alternative superballs – the orange and green ones) disappearing from the tool menu.

    2) Why do we not have ready access to the restart point trigger (the one that’s in the “hope” level)? I honestly would have liked to be able to use it without resorting to image editing programs.

    really, that’s my only complaint about the game. flawless (in my opinion) game otherwise.

  49. dsch Says:

    awesome, but honestly, how the heck do you pass the level in path 2 with the hunter on the top platform? maybe i’m just not clever enough to figure this out. is it really a matter of timing your jump from the left?

  50. mcc Says:

    Hi Kitsune,

    When you turn on layering, the editor does disable the three tools that make use of color.

    About the “Checkpoint”, actually that is in there, but it is hidden. If you hold down the “control” key and select the button for either the entry point, the invisible block, or the shrapnel block, there are alternate versions of each of those tools. The checkpoint is the control-key version of the entry point…

    Hm, now that I think about it maybe I should have made the orange and green superballs accessible via the control key as well.

  51. gigadude Says:

    Sweet! Takes me back to those 2600/Vic-20/Apple II days… good job! (and forget consoles, think cell phones)

  52. jules Says:

    I just played through your game. It’s the best platformer I’ve seen in a while. Thanks a lot.

  53. farik Says:

    after beating it and messing with the editor, im convinced that this could be the next big thing – the replay value would be endless if we could share custom stages.

  54. Alex Says:

    Brilliant game! Original, slick, one of the best platformers out there easily!

    Finished it in just under an hour. All I could think of during some of the levels was “This guy is a bloody masochist!”

  55. James DiMeo Says:

    Would you like to upload this game to our content extranet? Millions would see it and could play it.
    http://extranet.gamestreamer.net – register if you are interested.

    James DiMeo

  56. teki Says:

    Cool game, but eats my CPU on osx :(.

  57. thor Says:

    This was amazing, such a blast, true retro-future. Complaints about the physics are valid, although once you get used to them they allow you to do some great stuff (sliding backwards while umping forwards, etc.)…and yes there are a couple of killer levels as mentioned above, but for some reason I was so addicted it gave me that “I’ve…almost…got…it…” desire to go at it again and again and again and the thrill when I finally made it was huge.

    Kudos. A fantastic xp.

  58. Jim Says:

    mcc – one word for this game: ADDICTIVE! Well done, very well done.

  59. J. Roveda Jr. Says:

    It’s awesome!! I feel like playing Pickaxe Pete on the Odyssey2 once again…

  60. Bojika Says:

    Need a Nintendo DS Version, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  61. Andrew Says:

    Hey, I love the game – just one idea I’d like to mention.

    I think the level editor could be even more awesome if you offered the option to upload your levels to a server where all the other users could download the levels for free. I know I’d use that for sure, and I think some of the levels I’ve designed could be enjoyed by others if they had the chance.

  62. farik Says:

    i agree with andrew. i’ve made some levels i’d like to share, but not sure how to go about it.

  63. Dave Jacob Hoffman Says:

    Absolutely mind-bending, frustrating, and fantastic. Perfect for playing while listening to DEVO. I’m glad this is downloadable, and not a flash game, because I can discreetly play this between lectures. (:

    Looking forward to future games from you.

  64. Teeth Says:

    This is awesome, those paint brush levels are freaking awesome. Really starts tripping out my vision after a while. I would agree with that comment about the hit box, could be more forgiving as some time you hit enemies and it looks like you have plenty of space between you and it. Also, one of the best endings in a game ever, very cool 😀

  65. bullet Says:

    Yeah, always a great idea to mix slippery movement with levels that require exact timing and unfair hitboxes. What’s even cooler are levels, where you die 3 out of 5 respawns and that don’t really restart when you die, because this way you could actually adapt yourself to movement patterns of enemies.

    The feature where you see through the next few levels annoyed me for several levels as well when it gets almost indistinguishable.

    Apart from these major annoyances, I like the retro graphics combined with smooth movement and proper physics.

  66. Magical Man Says:

    Shut the hell up Bob.

  67. Socktopi Says:

    Having a rad time so far, except Level 1 of Path 6 and the “Hope” level of path 7 moved past being challenging and into just frustrating for me. Obviously, wonderful concept and innovative design overall, but if I die 100 times on a level, that’s it. Eventually beat L1P6, but now I’m really stuck and I’ve given up on hope. Maybe I just don’t get it. Wish I could just skip to the next level instead of abandoning such an otherwise engrossing game in sadness.

  68. joem Says:

    This is the most awesomely, awesomest thing ever. Don’t change a thing, I loved that I got stuck and it took me frustratingly forever to conquer some levels.

    Just brilliant.

  69. Dan Says:

    Where is the GNU/Linux version? 😉

  70. Ham Says:

    Thanks! =)

  71. Scott Says:

    Good Game, I wish someone had revived the Original Jumpman much sooner


  72. rob Says:

    brillant! I am in love with your game.

  73. farik Says:

    because i want to jumpstart this sharing levels idea, i compressed my .jmp file into winrar and uploaded it to mediafire. if this works right, all you need to do is extract the farik.jmp file into the folder with the jumpman.exe … so maybe that will work? could someone try it?

    here’s the link, if it works, have fun. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tzywczg50lz

  74. Phy Says:

    I installed it on my daughter’s pc & it plays slow as all hell, is there any way to speed up the gameplay?

  75. Scottscottscott Says:

    Wow! Mr. mcc this is a great, great game! My first run through took forever like 2:30 and 1500 lives, but it was so worth it. I love how once one is accustomed to the initial concept, new concepts are slowly introduced which bring unforeseen challenges, which gives rise to new ways of thinking about platformers in general. In some levels I would just shake the monsters down to the bottom and float to the exit, instead of even jumping once. (Like one of those ball-in-a-plastic-maze toys.) My second run was 45:00 and 300+ lives. Very psychedelic and I do like drugs so why not I think. I’ve found at least one or two easter eggs as well! Thank you! It is elegant and minimal and a work of art.

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  79. Lyx Says:

    A very interesting experience. While i think that the friction is part of the game, i think that it is slightly too high. But besides of that very well done and a unique experiece.

    Also, thank you for providing this as a NON-online, NON-flash, NON-frameworkbloatcrap, NON-consoleonly plain good old win32 download 🙂

  80. Malicious Wizard Says:

    Oh hai 🙂

    Jumpman is cool, I thought about my old nice ZX Spectrum while playing this 🙂 Unfortunately, it was not able to do such physics.

    Everything is perfect, BUT. What “Splatter mode” does? I can’t feel difference with it enabled and disabled and it looks like there no new obvious keys available. What does it change?

  81. Sergio Says:

    The music in the demo video is wonderful! Could someone provide the artist/track title?

  82. Slansing Says:

    Love it! My message as passed around at work:
    Wow, that was a good game. It starts off kind of tame with the gimic that the user can rotate the world (and therefore gravity). But then it starts adding continuous/mirrored worlds, and gravity effects on other objects, and exploding walls, and colored dimensions. The levels just kept going… Path 5 is a good glimpse at game design with mirrored levels (a level where each quarter of the world is the first quarter * 90 degrees? Awesome!). Path 9 it introduces colored dimensions where you start having to think strategy…

    I love it, much more than some of the other free downloadable games I’ve played (and I play a lot).

  83. Socktopi Says:

    Also, the level on path 3 where you die like 200 times in 5 minutes because you keep spawning on top of a blob – that’s not clever, nor does it inspire me to double down until I finally figure out the trick (if there even is one). I see some other commenters here excited about the levels that were frustrating – but to me that’s just nonsense. If I took pleasure in being frustrated, I’d be playing Desert Bus or arguing with my phone company’s customer service representative. No, I take pleasure in being challenged, which is a much more delicate design process. When I think about my favorite games of yore, I think of Bubble Bobble – not E.T. – And right now I feel like a small number of maddening levels are detracting from my user-experience in this otherwise quite awesome game.

  84. Baris Unver Says:

    That was an awesome game, too bad it’s too short. Will you release level packs or something else that’ll keep us playing?

  85. Rellimz Says:

    This is the most awesomenauticalretrotastic game I’ve ever played, but it’s pissing me off. The level that starts at 1:13 in the youtube clip is impossible. Yeah, I know the demo clearly shows it’s not but I believe that to be trickery. I want to play more of this game but this level is preventing me from going further. Please help?

  86. Joshua Says:

    This game is brilliant! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  87. tipptop Says:


  88. Rodrigo Says:

    Hey, the game is awesome, but it didn’t work well on my PC? I have Windows XP (that’s all I know to be mildly relevant). The graphics were all fucked up and the game crashed once, now I get a C++ error on a few programs after the game crashed, do you have any idea as to what the hell is wrong with my pc?

  89. Peter Says:

    An awesome game. I beat it two days ago, and spent much of today honing my scores to 16:03, 0 lives for the entire game (0 lives on every path, but not sequentially, of course). Now that I’ve perfected lives, I’ll think about getting my times down… I really like almost every aspect of the game, including the slippery physics, etc. I also like how you have to learn to use clever combinations of jumping and rotating to get perfects on some of the levels. Also: I’ve never been so glad to have read “Ender’s Game”. Remembering that “the enemy gate is down” helped immensely on many levels. Oh, and don’t take the comments about how it’s “too hard” to heart… of course some people are going to be frustrated, but as is, the game is a combination platformer/puzzle game, and some people probably don’t realize this. They think “if I jump better, I’ll be able to do this” when what they need to think is “hmmm… a puzzle. What haven’t I tried yet”.

  90. Fona_Fett Says:

    The simplest & most addictive way to kill time since Jumper!!!

  91. xzzy Says:

    Excellent piece of work. The slippery physics took some getting used to, but after a while you learn to love it, and after that, you start exploiting it to make some pretty neat jumps.

    I got pretty frustrated by the collision detection at some points, but having fought through all the levels I’ve decided it’s part of the charm of the game. It’s got all the abusive old-school behaviors, with a dash of modern thinking to keep the idea going.

  92. Skelettor Says:

    I’m really frustrated because it seems like I won’t ever be able to master the ‘hope’ level in path 7.
    And it’s not that I haven’t already tried EVERY possible jump/rotation. There is simply no exit in this level…at least none, I could find yet.

  93. Trame Says:

    Skelettor: there’s an exit in the level (in fact, the level is just a tunnel), but it’s possible you got confused with the rotations and are going back and forth over the same area.

  94. Snugglely Says:

    nice music, very relaxing game it looks like.

  95. Dwayne Dwaynerson Says:

    I wonder how many console developers feel the anguish that they just can’t beat that
    certain cool that belongs to the Atari 2600.

    But you sir
    had the sense to not beat a good thing,
    and make a cooler Atari 2600.

  96. Arj Says:

    Great game. Keep producing, you’re destined for this.

  97. Nathan Says:

    Just a small suggestion, on a Mac it’d be nice if the .sav file were either:
    1. Inside the app’s package.
    2. In a /Library location.

    Then it wouldn’t clutter up my applications folder.

  98. cciccole Says:

    Awesome game. But I can’t figure out what splatter mode is either…

  99. farik Says:

    splatter mode smears all the colors when you move or rotate the level. it’s weird.

    also, if anyone has been messing with the editor and share their level, all you have to do is compress your .jmp folder with your name or whatever and upload it someplace others can get to it. i posted mine awhile back, does anyone else want to post theirs?

  100. Niels Egberts Says:

    I hope that a native linux version comes out 🙂

  101. mcc rockzzz Says:

    If I could hug you mcc I would. This game is sooo addictive that it took me back to my gaming roots and I was playing space invaders for nearly 2 hours. 😀

  102. kaerf Says:

    hi! very cool game. what about music? i would make a little soundtrack if you want me to. cheers kaerf

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  104. Kitsune Zeta Says:

    @Farik>>While it’s not really important for short levelsets (1~4 short levels), please remember to flag the first level (settings->Flag) so that records can be kept. (3:10 on your levelset, BTW. second level was cruel – no rotation at all, even outside of the no-rotate section >.<) Flagging a level in the editor makes it the first level of a path.

    Also, as a bit of a trivial levelset “hack” (so to speak), to add a second (or third or fourth or twentieth) message to a level, open up the index.xml file in the levelset, find the level in question, and add an additional message item to the level. note that all messages WILL be played in order, regardless of how fast you clear the level (so really fast speedrunners could have messages from 2 paths ago if every level has 5 messages in them. I am not kidding, either). This functionality is semi-limited with the editor, but some other possible stuff (like the zoom-out levelset complete ending – not to be confused with the zoom-out-and-roll-credits levelset complete ending which unlocks Splatter mode) is not done by the editor. to prevent people from cheating (yeah, like that’s gonna be possible, right?), I’m holding off on detailing how to set the ending up, but it’s fairly easy to do and anyone with basic experience in modifying XML files will probably figure it out anyways.

    and as one more piece of trivial information, try spinning the mouse wheel or clicking mouse buttons during the main game’s ending sequence. nice easter egg there.

  105. Jumpman « Diary of a Gaming Fox Says:

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  106. ToastyKen Says:

    Okay, here’s my first attempt at a level: http://subjunctive.net/jumpman/jumppac.jmp.zip

  107. ToastyKen Says:

    How does the “twisted” setting work? I’m assuming that controls the tesselation, but it’s not very clear how it operates?

  108. ToastyKen Says:

    Okay I went a little crazy and made 5 more levels. Same file. These levels may seem a little familiar… Give it a shot! 🙂

  109. Brad Says:

    This looks pretty awesome, but my Xbox 360 controller for Windows has trouble with the configuration – maybe you could change the controller configuration to not instantly move to the next action? I think double-clicking and then hitting the button would be a little more intuitive, and work a LOT better (it ended up mapping every action to “left”, and even after some really sensitive touches my little dude kept running to the right).

    I’d say more but I WANNA PLAY WITH MY CONTROLLER ;_;

  110. ryan Says:

    I hope that the influx of comments doesn’t scare you away from posting here. I enjoy the game and the blog even moreso.

  111. GreenGhost21 Says:

    “Twisted” setting?

  112. Steve Says:


    It reminds me of Portal in a way. The mechanics of the game and all the variations are fun and interesting to experience. I had to beat the whole thing in one sitting 🙂

    605 lives

    Here’s a message to you by the way: http://imgur.com/33PPK

  113. Sam Henzel Says:

    Hi man.

    I think Jumpman is awesome and would like to extend an invitation to join an indie game development team. We are trying to make something new and different that captures the charm of old 2D action games, particularly of the 16-bit/SNES era. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you so far and we can talk more. I’d prefer MSN messenger if you have that, as that is the team’s main line of communication; I can easily show you art and introduce you to other team members through that. If you don’t want to use MSN let me know and we’ll figure something else out.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  114. ToastyKen Says:

    I figured out the twist setting. (It’s in the setup section of the level editor, GreenGhost21.)

    Well, I figured out how to use it by trial and error anyway, by drawing some stuff on the level and just seeing what happens when I adjust it with the mousewheel.

  115. ToastyKen Says:

    I think that, in a way, my favorite are the levels of path 5, which are typically very easy, but they seem more like art than like a game. In my second run through, I would deliberately not win, and just jump around in them to see the effects!

  116. pcHackal Says:

    Great game! But a little bit too hard for some levels.

  117. Andreas Says:

    Hi there,
    Would you like me to make some 8-bit music for your game? – or something completely different? I’m an electro acoustic composer and I love Jumpman. Listen to some sound(no popmusic there but whatever): http://www.myspace.com/andreasbusk. Cheers

  118. Anonymous Says:

    @bob: you can only get so far with browser-side scripting…do you see games like WoW or Battlefield being played in browsers? I didn’t think so

  119. Mead Says:

    Great game and great idea. Thanks!! Mead

  120. Greg Says:

    Very very cool. Maybe some day you’ll release map pack? I can only hope.

  121. Kitsune Zeta Says:

    Honestly, Greg, I think the best “map packs” (levelsets are a more accurate term) would not be the ones released/distributed by mcc but by people willing to take the engine and push it to it’s limitations (which is to say… 3rd parties such as me, you, and anyone who downloads this game.) so mcc isn’t the one we should be asking as much as we should be asking those that are experimenting with the map editor.

    that said, I’ve got an idea for a map pack that can serve as a replacement main levelset (and be much, much longer, too) that I am working towards slowly but surely and would serve as a “step ranking” levelset (your progress in the levelset would be an approximation of your skill at the game). It would start off painfully easy, then slowly ramp up the difficulty until it gets to be ridiculously hard (more difficult than HOPE is)

  122. mcc Says:

    Some responses:

    – Nathan, I originally had the .sav inside the package, then I decided putting it in the directory along with Jumpman.app would make it easier for people to copy it to new versions of Jumpman or other computers. Putting it in ~/Library however would work too and actually is something I should have thought of, do you think people will be able to find it there though?

    – Steve: Mwahaha, thanks!

    – To anyone asking about splatter mode: Splatter mode is just a silly little thing where the game skips erasing the screen between frames, so that every frame is drawn “on top of” the previous one and all the enemies, levels etc leave sort of slug trails. It looks bizarre and kind of interesting. The problem is that it appears to really piss off some video cards. So depending on what video card you have, and whether you are running in full screen mode or not, Splatter mode will actually do one of the following three things:

    1. What it’s supposed to;
    2. What it’s supposed to, but large sections of the screen will flicker in a horrendous, eye-searing fashion;
    3. Nothing whatsoever.

    I did find a couple techniques that would make it behave better on machines where where it flickers/does nothing, but those techniques made the game slow down to like 1 FPS on other computers so I didn’t include them into the final game. It seems to be kind of hard sometimes to tell when it is or isn’t safe to use certain OpenGL features. I think if I ever learn to use FBOs that would be the “correct” way to make this work, but I don’t know how to do that…

    In the meantime you *may* be able to get splatter mode to do something different if you play with the “run in a window” setting.

    – How the heck are all these people getting avatars inside my internal blog control panel? WordPress is very mysterious…

  123. mcc Says:

    So, if you look up near the top of this post, the “Jumpman” zip files linked have been upgraded to version 1.0.1. Differences include:

    – No longer takes 100% of the CPU for no reason (will still take 100% of the CPU at those times when it has a reason)

    – Support for analog joysticks and joystick “hats” (translation: 360 gamepad now works)

    – Fixed some glitches with the high score board (occasionally incorrect “totals”; high score board not displaying for one-path user levels)

    – Fixed some visual glitches with the controls screen

    – Fixed some visual glitches with colorblind mode

    – Added more “hidden” tools, per Kitsune’s complaint above

    If anyone seems to have framerate or responsiveness issues with this build they didn’t have before, let me know.

    I should have another post up about “map packs” later today.

  124. Kitsune Zeta Says:

    “- Added more “hidden” tools, per Kitsune [Zeta]’s complaint above”

    “Complaint?” it was just an observation, really. I personally haven’t used the tools you probably are referring to once yet.

    also, for reference, on an nVidia GeForce 8200 card (onboard), Splatter mode works just fine.

    and it seems like an obscure physics bug/glitch has disappeared in 1.0.1 (where running would cause Jumpman to stop suddenly – which really made ONE of my difficult levels borderline impossible. and it always occured in the exact same spot on the exact same level.)

  125. mcc Says:

    Kitsune Zeta: Heh, sorry. I was referring to your comment earlier in the thread about the happy/angry balls going away when you enter layered mode.

    As for the bug with Jumpman suddenly stopping while running, that occurs when Jumpman hits a seam between two blocks and gets an edge caught. That problem was present in 1.0 and I don’t think it would have gotten any better or worse in 1.0.1. Whether it occurs seems to be random but depend on how fast you’re running.


    People who were asking about places to put level packs, I’ve set something up here. Farik and ToastyKen, I included your levels. I hope that’s OK!

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  128. farik Says:

    @mcc – cool! this is really gonna take off, i can feel it my bones man. people are gonna make some really crazy stuff. and again, love the game.

  129. Kitsune Zeta Says:

    Just found a bug while working on a rather large levelset…

    …it appears that the “Dupe” (Duplicate Level) button doesn’t work properly (it creates two blank 6kb png files and makes them the “duplicate” level). It’s not something I plan on using a lot (and I can probably work around it with some creative XML editing), but it is somewhat inconvenient when I want to have a pair of very similar levels.

  130. Viktor Says:

    How come you have only 128 replies? It’s the best game ever.

  131. astrid Says:

    gosh, i feel drained, but i’d do it all again. AWESOME! xxxxxx

  132. nitram_cero Says:


    And sick!!!, splatter mode is death incarnate.

  133. JGallagher Says:

    I love this game!

    I think it would be interesting to give the sprites a tracer effect, so Jumpman and his enemies have a strobing trail that traces out their path. This effect would be especially interesting in levels that are in the dark. How cool would it be to use rotation to trace out the level so you could try to memorize the platforms? I also like how slippery the surface is. You can practically skate through the game!

  134. JGallagher Says:

    Haha, I just beat it and unlocked Splatter mode… Not exactly what I was describing, but very awesome.

  135. Andreas Busk-Jepsen Says:

    I’ve composed and recorded a song for Jumpman. I kinda like it, too. If you wanna hear it write me on oevboev@gmail.com and I’ll mail it to you.

  136. nodje Says:

    I’m probably dumb, I can’t find a way to save my game.
    If do Esc then ‘Yes, quit the game’ I just lose my game.
    What to do?

  137. stbn v6.1 » Logbuch Says:

    Fundstücke #2…

    Elf Funde, darunter vier Videos.

  138. Richard Terrell Says:

    This game won me over.

    I spent the last few days writing this review.


    Well done!

  139. Personman Says:

    Hey, love the game! My friend who I introduced to it is working on a 0-death speedrun (he’s down to like 14 minutes on a segmented-by-path 0-death run).

    I’ve been playing around with the level editor. One thing that took me a long time to figure out is that you can rotate it with the rotate buttons from the game. It would be good if the help text about zooming mentioned that.

    Also, stickies are terribly broken. I have seen them move vertically and diagonally without being near a wall, seen them move extremely slowly for no reason, and seen them pretend to be attached to a wall and move back and forth in the air.

    Also, occasionally fliers seem to randomly die in levels where nothing can kill them. I don’t really know under what circumstances.

  140. matrisking Says:

    Sick game, great concept, still not done :\

  141. micky Says:

    i am selling to kidz at my school, they love it and so do i

  142. freddi444444 Says:

    I love this game but there are 2 things i would really like to have as part of the game.

    1. I noticed after you create a custom set of levels you can’t rename the set. Like If i call is \custom\ I can’t rename it to anything else. The only way i figured out how to do this is by changing the folder named \[insert set name here].jmp\ to something else. so i would like a renaming tool added to this game.

    and 2. Maybe add a uploading service so people can upload their creations to have other peers try them.

    just a thought. 🙂

  143. mcc Says:

    The version of Jumpman linked at the top of this post has been updated to version 1.0.2.

    In this update:

    Windows version: The “dupe” button in the level editor works now. Also fixed a bug with adding levels which could have lead to losing data.
    Macintosh version: No changes you would notice, however I recompiled with GCC 4 so if the new version behaves weird in any way let me know.
    Linux version: Exists now!

    The Linux version requires Freetype and SDL to be installed, and currently is missing the “run in a window” feature the Windows and Mac versions have. Please let me know if you have any problems with it– it has been tested and worked for several people, but as far as I know everyone who tested it was using Ubuntu. I’m very curious whether it runs on non-Ubuntu systems.

    I’ve incidentally made some updates to the extra levels database, including adding a level pack I made called “Freefall”.

  144. Daftmuffin Says:

    I bet if you present this game to valve they’d hire you in a heartbeat.

    This game was great man, Loved the rainbow 360 level.

    Only gripes:
    He is just a little too slippery.
    Hitboxes are funky.
    STORY LINE. I can imagine so many options you’d have with it. The level that started out white, but then painted red you fall for a decent amount of time, I felt like I was escaping from the level, it was cool.

  145. n2j3 Says:

    Don’t you change a thing. And to Daftmuffin: You don’t need Valve’s job proposal to know you’re nothing sort of a genius by making this game 🙂

  146. Vadim P. Says:

    Possible to get the source of the game? I’d like to have it packaged for a .deb installer

    Also, doesn’t seem to run on my 64bit ubuntu with 32bit compatibility installed:

    vadi@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Jumpman$ ‘/home/vadi/Desktop/Jumpman/Jumpman’
    E: shm.c: Invalid shared memory segment size
    E: shm.c: Invalid shared memory segment size
    I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
    I: caps.c: Dropping root privileges.
    I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
    ALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm_dmix.c:1008:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave
    Couldn’t open audio: No available audio device

  147. mz Says:

    I’ll second the request for source code.

  148. Ivan G. Says:

    I’ll third the request for sources – this way it can be run on *BSD systems (like OpenBSD on my Zaurus) and many many other platforms (Pandora, for example).

  149. Lucas Says:


    Don’t listen to the “too frustrating” comments.

    It’s very refreshing to see gamers challenged once again as games of today are starting to take the patch of least resistance in order to boost sales, and as such, have lost of a lot of their “hardcore-ness”.

    I am glad that people find certain levels frustrating. It should be that way and it should be just as gratifying when you beat said level. Great work mcc, very impressive.

    I think you should continue making games in this style, only if you do, put a twist on the next one. For example, make the levels somewhat larger and the characters somewhat smaller and implement more platforming in an individual level.

    Also, although I understand that the “slipperyness” (as others have referred to it) was on purpose, (and to be fair, it works fine), I prefer having a weightier character physics. The reason being is because I don’t really like the blending of physics and platforming, it kind of takes away from the platforming element because precision should be such a large part in any platforming game. Littlebigplanet is a perfect example of a game that blends platforming and character physics, and as such, it doesn’t really feel like a good platformer per se, although it is a great game on other merits. That is how I feel about your game. It’s not a great platformer necessarily, but it is very creative, flows well, and provides a satisfying amount of frustration vs. reward (beating the level). This is a game at it’s simplest, how it’s meant to be. I really wish games would get back to their roots!

    Anyways, maybe you should experiment with a physics-less player character for your next game, and make platforming more of a focus. Of course, this is just what I WANT to see, and I shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but hey, I”m just giving you some feedback on what I personally liked, didn’t like, and would like to see.

    Needless to say, I liked it a lot. Furthermore, I really like the fact that it’s an executable that you run locally instead of from a browser, because browser-based games have somewhat of a “cheap” stigma attached to them. All of them remotely feel similar (probably because many are programmed in java or flash), and I just like having the actual “game” on my hard drive. I would say don’t stop doing that if you make another game. I’m the same way with movies — many people just download and burn them, but I like owning the actual media that I purchased because it gives a greater sense of ownership to me, and in turn, it feels a little bit more special to me.

  150. Lucas Says:


  151. Josh Says:

    For some reason it won’t let me play the game. Sukz. also WATCH MAH YOUTUBE REPTILE SLAYER!!!!!

  152. maxc Says:

    great game! very stylish and professionally looking. you definitely got the gift. i beat the game, unlocked splatter mode.

    keep on doing such a great work, man!

  153. Pavol Rusnak Says:

    Just finished the game and it was totally awesome. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about this game soon …

  154. LazyAndroid Says:

    When are you going to publish this for the iPhone?

    (Notice how I didn’t ask you IF you are going to publish it for the iPhone).

  155. Prescpt Says:

    I just finished Jumpman, and I loved it.
    The level design was great and it brought back that retro look that reminded me of the NES. I especially liked the paint brush levels because they were unique, and also brought quite a bit of challange.

    Great job, man. I cant wait for another game from you.

  156. fragacha Says:

    Very good game. Friendly difficulty. Clever level design (that allows player’s to feel a bit clever too). Enjoyable character physics. Perfect esthetics. The only thing that sucks is my english… (end credits are nice too, with an out-of-the-box feel). Thanks.

    O, and i just got to finish it. I liked the chaos too, from the bombs (like in one of the last level) or from falling through mirrored mazes or into void (like the white/red level)…

    Now i’m going to check if you’ve done anything else 😉

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  159. himselfe Says:

    This is an incredibly fun and novel game!

  160. YounisAMAX Says:

    Wow! That was hard! and I beat the game…! IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!

  161. Ghost Head Says:

    too good. like the mechanics, like the physics, like everything.

  162. Kieran Moore Says:

    Such an awsome game, but i get stuck for like a hundred deaths on certain levels… path 7, possibly the final section… Pain the in asp.

  163. Serdar Says:

    ı don’t pass a level. who want’s to help me?
    I’m ın path6 to second level.
    In this level have a ball and 4 enemy and shape of octagon
    please help me!!!


  164. oscar Says:

    fucking amazing game.
    my mind exploded once i got to paintbrushes, lateral thinking all the way
    super addictive, too

  165. The jumpman Says:

    Wicked game…
    0 lives 17:38


  166. Peti29 Says:

    This game is a masterpiece.
    It needs to be advertised more though.
    (How far from the end at phase 9 (paitbrush)?)

  167. Peti29 Says:

    not far 🙂

    I’m done: 111:34 (671 death)

  168. SquidgyB Says:

    This would be perfect for the PSP…

    Any chance of a homebrew conversion? 😉

  169. Yaguy88 Says:

    I like that slippery floor…
    Like skating
    N the background
    Damn nice
    If can improve the playground
    I finish all the Path
    Thanks Editor
    Nice game

  170. Gratis spil Says:

    Really nice game

  171. The Giant List of 50 Mac Games « AppStorm Says:

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  173. Pete Says:

    Excellent. Who needs the blockbusters.

  174. Beoran Says:

    This game is a bit difficult at times, but it’s a lot of fun! I may need a FAQ, though, though, since I got stuck at a certain hunter level.

  175. Bibs Says:

    He needs a speed limit. If you edit a level to just be flat, he goes so fast it looks like he’s stopped.

  176. j;kjlkjl Says:


  177. ajaf Says:

    is amazzing!!!!!!

    (desde argentina)
    seguí así loco!!!!


  178. Fatih Says:

    Hi mcc, this is so weird!!
    Me and my 2 friends made a game called Jumpman backin 2002 for a school project. We made it with Modula. Where did you get the old version of this game?
    If this used to be our game, then you did a hell of a job! Because what we did was a basic plain stupid game, I mean now this is fantastic!

  179. Descarga gratis el juego de plataformas Jumpman 1.0.2 | Geekets Says:

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  180. Steez Says:

    Awesome game…you should make another sweet game.

  181. Tunç Alp Ocak Says:

    this is the bestest game ever

  182. Dan Says:

    You should add a paypal donate link on the site somewhere, its worth $10 easy!

    Thanks for making this its very fun!

  183. David Says:

    Hi, the game is brilliant, congrats!
    Have you ever thought on open-source it? I was thinking on ports to the GP2X WiZ handheld or PSP for example. 🙂

  184. dent Says:

    \Desktop gaming is the way of the past\

    I like desktop gaming. Stupid Flash games get forgotten after a week. Games like this you can keep with you, even without internet.

  185. Crick Says:

    Omg, this game sucks ass, damn!
    I cleared every shitty level, and omfg, this sucks so bad!
    Damn damn damn! Omg!
    I hate this game so much!
    btw very good game but IT SUCKS! WTF?
    I hate it omg
    Shitty orange 8-bit-motherfucker
    omfg vergrab dich

  186. Roccoderbigboss Says:

    FUCK YOU JUMPMAN! Worest game i ever played. Path 9 sucks cocks! Path 10 sucks cocks, too!

    BTW Nice job 🙂

    vergroab dich !

  187. jiji Says:

    WOW great game!
    really nice work!!!

  188. kg Says:

    Could you release a source, pleeease? I’d like to play it on some of my ARM devices. I believe anyone will benefit from it.

  189. zhaoyizhan Says:

    Could you release a source, pleeease? I’d like to play it on some of my ARM devices. I believe anyone will benefit from it.

  190. slim Says:

    I’d like to port it to maemo (N900), so I very much ask you to release a source.

  191. Schalken Says:

    Great game! Thanks for the Linux version. Of the twenty top platformers of 2009 listed on IndieGames’s website, this is the only one I could play (at least until I get back home to the dual-booting desktop).

    Good work and don’t be bothered by the idiots calling for an iPhone or Wiiware version. The PC is still alive and well and I think you could get this released commercially on the PC pretty easily!

  192. buoy Says:

    \I made a videogame\
    \plot: go to th exit\

    Gosh, I wish all websites gave their information in such a simple and clear way

    –>great game

  193. Peter Says:

    Amazing game!!! My record for the main game is 13:48 with 22 lost lives. Try to beat that!!!!!!

  194. gabbabbable Says:

    This game is amazing.

    I’m sure you’ve already considered it, but – if it would encourage you to make more – I’d definitely play money games like this.

    It’s much better than VVVVVV and N in my book, both of which got commercial releases with a lot of publicity. It would be great for more people to know of this one!


  195. gabbabbable Says:

    erm ‘pay money’, not ‘play money’

  196. caq Says:

    i liked the difficulty. Not to easy but not to difficult either.
    IMO this game needs more publicity. 🙂

  197. dude Says:

    I can’t get it! 🙁

  198. midjitman Says:

    on some map packs, when the rotate buttons are pressed the map continually rotates. anyone explain how to do that?

  199. 4931 Says:

    This game is great.
    I played it more often than any other game, but there are two things which you could have made better:

    1. The lower the screen resolution, the faster Jumpman moves!! Whyy??

    2. On Windows XP the game works pretty good, but since I installed Windows 7, the game speed slows down in the \endless levels\ Why is this so? Could you publish a patch to fix this? Would be great.
    –> On our school computers Windows XP is installed, but the game stalls just the same by playing Jumpman on them, so maybe the problem is not Windows 7.

    btw, my best time: 18min, 30sec and 0 deaths :p

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  218. electronic drop bolt lock manufacturer security lock Says:

    electronic lock lock…

    Mechanically Separated Meat » Blog Archive » Jumpman…

  219. Jumpman « PixelProspector – the indie goldmine Says:

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  220. kostenlose Browsergames Says:

    Nice. Looks like a mix between Bubble Bobble and the first Donkey Kong 🙂

  221. jabon artesano Says:

    jabon artesano…

    […]Mechanically Separated Meat » Blog Archive » Jumpman[…]…

  222. Debug Design Says:

    Well done on a really fun game, its great to hear it doing so well… is there a sequel in the pipeline?

  223. Peter Says:

    Not sure if you’re still reading these, but I just recorded a speedrun of Jumpman:


    It’ll take me a while to get a good run on camera but I should be able to beat that time by 2 minutes or so eventually.

  224. Antipode Says:

    Finally found this again. “Jumpman” is a rather difficult name to search for, thanks to the Epyx game and Mario’s original name. Still fun after all these years.

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