Here are some experiments and visualizers that I like, but don’t seem complete enough to call “games”. In no order. Some have filenames that don’t match the title. Click here to go back to the main games page.

Zero Hour
A browser based text adventure. Made in 1 negative-time hour for the 0-hour game jam.

A humming-and-images generator previously uploaded as “A Cube For You”, now w/ elaborate visual effects controls.

Video feedback sandbox featuring music by Liz Ryerson.

Amorphous Blob Creature Adventure

A short text adventure I made in order to teach myself Twine.

How Can You Even Tell
For the Ludum Dare 26 jam, the theme was “minimalism”. I didn’t much like this theme so I spent an hour and a half making the most minimalist game I could conceive of. It wound up being a pretty difficult game with surprisingly deep strategy.

This link goes to an old blog post, there’s a physics demo at the top. Sort of a word processor except every time you type a word it falls off the screen and clatters on the floor. Note: Mouse controls; F1 option screen.

Space shooter made in about six hours for Glorious Trainwrecks. An actual game, but a small one.

Another Glorious Trainwrecks game made by taking Fall and spending another three hours turning into a platformer.
Sweet Nothings

These last six games can be found rolled up into the Sweet Nothings collection I released. If for some reason you want the standalone downloads though (the standalone versions are moddable, and actually Sun Sets and Devil’s Chord include mod versions below) here they are.

Eternal audio/visual generator based on a drawing by Anna Anthropy. Noninteractive.

Devil’s Chord
Bleepy generative music toy based on tritones and phasing. Interactive enough to border on being a small, antisocial musical instrument.

A Cube For You
Generates images and humming forever, sort of a randomized fractal. It was originally supposed to do something else. Noninteractive except for camera.

Sun Sets
Generates images and humming forever. Based on cellular automata rule 110. Fairly complex interactivity. Optional mods add color.


Progressively garbles an image you feed it. Interactive.