I try whenever possible to release my game code and development tools as open source. All of the Run Hello games have been based on one of the following two open source codebases:

  1. Jumpcore, based on the code from “Jumpman” and “iJumpman” and used for “Drumcircle”. This is a simple C/C++ framework noteworthy mostly for working out of the box on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and WebOS.
  2. Polyconsole, a wrapper on Polycode allowing one to write PC games in a mixture of C++ and Lua.

Both of the above are available under the permissive “MIT” license. All of the games on this site meanwhile have source code included on their respective pages; these usually are under a “free for any noncommercial use” creative commons license.

Some of my games have a built-in modding architecture. You can find a guide to using that here.

You can find a complete, organized list of my open source projects here.