Found out yesterday that (1) a group of indie games folk are crashing the IGF with a “pirate cart” of over a hundred indie games, and (2) Klik of the Month Club is doing a competition today with the theme “violate Atari’s intellectual property”. Of course I had to do something, so I made this little 2-player game. I started it last night at about 10:30, and finished it this afternoon at about 2:30. So that would be about 16 hours, some of it spent sleeping.

It’s like pong, but with more pong.


Playing with sound is recommended.

3 Responses to “pongpongpongpongpongpongpongpong”

  1. Washp Says:

    mode 2 don’t work

  2. Washp Says:

    in fact all of the modes dont work you can only play the game once then if you try to open it back up it wont work you need to download the app again (mac version)
    Please fix its REALLY FUN

  3. Notta Troll Says:

    Great game, but is there a button to exit a mode to go to the menu instead of just closing out and reopening the program? Thanks.

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