My Own Footsteps

Ludum Dare is a periodically held competition to make a game in 48 hours. For this weekend’s Ludum Dare (theme: “Alone”), I waited until the last minute, started a game Sunday morning, and over about seven hours banged out the first and only 3D game I have ever made. It’s called My Own Footsteps and sound is recommended.

Thanks to amon26, Mark and Stephen for playtesting.

You can find the Ludum Dare competition entry page for the game here.

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  1. mcc Says:

    Final judging came back, out of 717 games this one got ranked:

    #165 for Theme (3.21/5)
    #167 for Audio (2.85/5)
    #167 for Mood (2.92/5)
    #236 for Humor (2.17/5)
    #279 for Innovation (2.62/5)
    #308 for Overall (2.77/5)
    #438 for Fun (2.15/5)
    #451 for Graphics (2.31/5)

    So, I didn’t do as well as last time, but since it was a much smaller project I’m still pretty satisfied.

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