Made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 23 competition. The game is over when the music stops.


You can find the Ludum Dare competition entry page for the game here.

The game is based on this cellular automata. It requires an OpenGL 2.0 compatible computer to run.

5 Responses to “Breathe”

  1. mcc Says:

    Version 1.0.1

    I updated this a few hours after the deadline to fix a problem where with certain monitor resolutions (like, 1280×1024, anything with a 1.25 aspect ratio) you’d get stuck on the fourth screen. If you want to see the originally submitted version for some reason it’s here.

  2. Garrett Says:

    Whoa crazy. I’ve created my own cellular automata in c++ it ran in the command line and was fiddly. Yours is much prettier.

  3. mcc Says:

    Garrett: Thanks! The fun thing here is that the cellular automata implementation here is actually in GLSL (pixel shader language). So basically this entire game is running inside the video card 😀

  4. mcc Says:

    Final judging results: Out of 1072 games, this one ranked:

    #28 for Mood (3.77/5)
    #59 for Audio (3.57/5)
    #94 for Graphics (3.87/5)
    #133 for Innovation (3.60/5)
    #380 for Overall (3.06/5)
    #408 for Fun (2.87/5)
    #837 for Theme (2.00/5)

    I don’t seem to have been given a score for humor at all. I *almost* broke a top 25 barrier for the second time. Maybe someday…

    By the way, I made a Linux version but haven’t posted it here because people seem to be having trouble getting it to run :/

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